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So, the whole kerfuffle on LiveJournal made me remember, "hey Livejournal exists." Also, that I should move my journal somewhere that isn't beholden to Russia's anti-LGBT culture.

I've moved here to Dreamwidth after seeing a few other folks mention it. Looks pretty nice. Will have to play with it a bit more.

So, what have I done since... ouch, 2012?

Well, Abbarach got a new job, so we wound up moving from eastern KY to Frankfort, the state capital. We're much closer to both our families, he got a nice pay raise, and we've actually got stuff to do! And we bought a house, instead of renting. Nice little place, built in 2003. Didn't take much work, but we've done a few things to improve it.

I took a while to find a new job myself. Didn't have much luck, wound up as a Produce worker at Kroger (grocery store chain). That was both good and bad for my health. I lost about 20 pounds from all the heavy lifting, buuuuuut I wound up making my existing hernias really, really bad. Had to have surgery. Went pretty well, though getting the bill taken care of was a bit of a nightmare.

Eventually found an opening at University of Kentucky Hospital, so I'm working there as a clerk on their Trauma/Surgical floor. Much better pay than what I was getting at Pikeville, plus good medical benefits again.

We adopted another cat. Calico named Maui. It took about a year for Taffy to get used to her, and they still kinda have issues but they get along well enough.

That's the big points of the last 5 years. If I can get motivated to keep this journal up, I'll try to get int more specifics.

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